2 hour video 🙂 Project files are on gumroad for a small donation: gum.co/boilingwatertutorial Lots of people have been asking me questions on how I did certain stuff for my boiling water sim, and I got some requests to do a tutorial on it. Recording a tutorial and building everything from scratch would have been a VERY long video, so i decided to do a project breakdown, where I go through the projects to show the stuff I did. It’s a 2 hour video, so grab a cup of coffee while you’re at it 😉
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00:05:00 – overview
00:03:24 – cooker model
00:08:59 – making big bubbles
00:15:22 – Setting up the flip sim
00:26:20 – meshing big bubbles
00:30:27 – small bubbles
00:37:12 – beaker + wetmaps
00:41:29 – making the drips
00:48:15 – making the gasflame
00:54:57 – making the steam
01:00:50 – heat displacement
01:05:45 – camera animation
01:10:59 – lighting/shading/rendering
01:44:04 – compositing