Welcome to Howdini101 – Are you ready to master the fundamentals of houdini?

This is by far the biggest course I have ever produced. It contains close to 20 hours of fundamental knowledge which will jumpstart your journey into Houdini. We will start at the absolute basics and slowly work our way up until we craft this amazing underwater scene as seen here. 

This course is different in many ways. Where a lot of intro courses will just show you how some basics tools work, we will start learning the underlying logic of houdini and actually apply that knowledge to creating a production quality shot in the same way you would during an actual vfx production.

There’s another difference with this course.. we actually won’t be covering any of the simulation tools. You might ask… why? Because Houdini is known for it’s simulation.

Problem is… I see a lot of beginners make the mistake of jumping straight into dynamics without understanding the core concepts first. The goal for this course was to show you can actually do amazing stuff without even touching the simulation tool by mastering the fundamentals. Nothing in the demo underwater shot you saw was simulated, everything was done with procedural animation and generation. When you have mastered those fundamentals, simulating will be easy! You will be in a much better spot to watch any other Houdini tutorial as you will understand fundamentally what is happening. Not just following instructions.

This course is suitable for absolute beginners. No previous Houdini experience is required, making it the ideal course for beginners to start with. It can even be followed by novice 3D artists with little general 3D experience. But don’t worry, over the course of the 20 hours we will slowly ramp up to more advanced level, making this a much watch even for more experienced 3D artists.

  • Houdini version: 18.0 (but at least 17.5)
  • The basics part of the course (up until shading) is do-able in Houdini apprentice. The shading will be done in Redshift and apprentice doesn’t support the redshift demo. You could follow along with Mantra (a mantra introduction is included, but the shading itself is done in redshift)
  • Will use redshift for rendering (you can use demo, or another render if you prefer)
  • Fusion will be used for compositing

There are multiple platforms to buy this on. Howdini101 was originally offered through Patreon, which is the cheapest way to watch it, but it requires an active pledge. Read more on that Below.

As a patreon supporter you can request a discount code for the full course on CGcircuit or Patreon. More information here