Took a bit longer than expected, but all parts are now finally out! In this 3.5 hour video series I take you on a tour through all of the project files from VFX shot of the jeep driving through mud. 

During these 3.5 hours you’ll learn how to handle large assets inside houdini/redshift, tips and tricks for putting scenes together and a lot more.

Software used during this tutorial series:

  • Houdini (17.0 and up)
  • Redshift (2.6 and up)
  • Cinema 4D (R19)
  • Blackmagic fusion (9.0 and up)

Important: We will not be building the shot from scratch in this series. Instead I provide all of the project files that were used for making the final shot and I talk you through the techniques used, similar to how it’s done in some of my other tutorials like convergent or my boiling water tutorial

The project uses a couple of paid assets from megascans and some additional things which I cannot provide in the project download (I am not alowed to redistribute those myself),  I will provide a link to where you can get those

The patreon course is available for people with a total pledge history of $75 and an active pledge of $20. Alternatively you can also purchase it on gumroad.