Took a bit longer than expected, but all parts are now finally out! In this 3.5 hour video series I take you on a tour through all of the project files from VFX shot of the jeep driving through mud. 

During these 3.5 hours you’ll learn how to handle large assets inside houdini/redshift, tips and tricks for putting scenes together and a lot more.

Software used during this tutorial series:

  • Houdini (17.0 and up)
  • Redshift (2.6 and up)
  • Cinema 4D (R19)
  • Blackmagic fusion (9.0 and up)

Important: We will not be building the shot from scratch in this series. Instead I provide all of the project files that were used for making the final shot and I talk you through the techniques used, similar to how it’s done in some of my other tutorials like convergent or my boiling water tutorial

The video files are also available on youtube now for free over on so them main reason to get this is if you want the source files.