Regrowth - Growing Plants in Houdini

Welcome to Regrowth – Growing plants in Houdini. In this over 4 hour long course I’ll take you through the process of creating a lovely plant growing animation in Houdini. We’ll build the entire thing from scatch and everything in the course is explained in great detail.
This course will teach you a lot of cool technique inside houdini. Such as:

  • using chops to create nice smooth animations
  • Learning how to use primintrincics
  • Use various forms of VOPs and VEX (well explained and easy to follow)
  • Lighting and shading our plant in redshift.
  • And a lot more!

The course should be suitable for anyone who has followed my Howdini101 course, as it builds upon concepts taught there. If you want to check out howdini101, you can do that here
The course will include the HIP file that is build during this course. Megascans assets not included.
A demo is available for Patreon supporters, you can contact me for a discount code if you are a supporter on Patreon