TransIP - Flourish (directors Cut)

We we challenged to create a video for trans-ip where apps can come to flourish, just like a plant, with clean water and reliable sunlight. 

I did all of the dynamics and the plant growth effect (aside from the flower opening which was done by someone else and implemented on my own plant.

The original video had a data layer, which I also created the 3D for. For the directors cut Freek re-did a lot of the renders and we took out the data layer to make it just about the plant growth itself, as we personally liked it better without all the glitches. You can watch both versions below.


Creative direction – Freek Freriks

FX / Plant growth animation – Tim van Helsdingen

Layout / flower opening animation – Marius Denisse

Lighting/Shading – Freek Freriks

Soundesign – KLOAQ